21 % feed-grade monodicalcium phosphate (MDCP) (III type, granular)

Main composition: Ca(H2PO4)2•H2O and CaHPO4•2H2O;

Appearance: White or slightly yellowish particle;

Features: With water solubility of more than 45%; slightly acidic; soluble in dilute acid; the water of crystallization will be gradually lost when heated to 80℃;

Use: Serve as feed ingredients to meet the needs of livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals (especially baby livestock animals) for calcium and phosphate. 


In granular shapes, with good flowability, easy to be evenly mixed with other feed ingredients;

Its granular shape helps to retain the product in the animal stomach, therefore facilitating the absorption of phosphate and calcium by animals;

The slight acid of the product enhances the feed taste, therefore raising the animal's feed intake.

Its high purity and proper proportion of calcium and phosphate meets the need of animals at different ages for nutrients, making it a highly cost-effective product;

The product is certified to the ISO9001:2008 quality system and the FAMIQS5.0 (European Feed Additives and Pre-Mixtures Quality System), ensuring its high and consistent quality up to international standards.

Package and Transportation:

Packed with plastic woven bags lined with double-layer polyethylene bags, with net weight of 50 kg or 25 kg;

It should be covered in transportation to prevent from rain and sunlight;

It should be stored in a cool, well ventilated, and dry place;

It should be kept away from toxic and corrosive materials.