National Vehicle-Use Urea Standard Takes Effect

時間:2013-07-02     來源:Sinochem Yunlong

The National Standardization Management Committee issued a public notice that the standard for urea aqueous solution (AUS 32), the diesel engine nitrogen oxide reducer, will be take effect from the first day of July. Different from agro-urea, vehicle-use urea is required to contain only a trace of biuret, ammonia, and water, with no aldehyde and anti-caking agents, no sulfur, sulphides, chlorides, nitrates and other compounds.

Mr. Zhang Kaiyuan, the sales manager for the vehicle-use urea manufacturer, Yitong Environmental Protection Technology (Putian) Co., Ltd. said that under the prescribed transportation and storage conditions of not lower than 25℃, vehicle-use urea can be sold to areas within a radius of around 500,000 meters. The requirement is to ensure the proper use of vehicle-use urea solution in different climate zones. However, the vehicle-use urea market also depends on the enforcement of the standard. Now that the detailed regulations are yet to be formulated, the industry is following closely.