Sinochem Yunlong Employees Donate to Xundian County Care Water Cellar Project

時間:2013-04-24     來源:中化化肥

In the past consecutive years, Xundian County has been hit by natural disasters, including spring and summer drought in 2009, extremely severe drought in 2010, rainy season drought in 2011, and spring and winter seasonal drought in 2012, which have caused serious shortage of drinking water for the civilians living in the mountain and half mountain area, and the poverty-stricken areas.

In response to the requirements and arrangement of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Kunming Party Committee and the Kunming Government decided to increase their financial investment, pool all resources, and mobilize social forces from 2012 in carrying out "the Water Cellar Project" in the mountain areas. The aim is to build 200,000 water cellars by the end of 2015, so as to completely meet the water shortage in the mountain or semi-mountain areas.

Sinochem Yunlong Party Work Department actively answered the call and issued the Proposal on Donating to Care Water Cellar Project to all the employees. Afterwards, all the departments of the company organized all the employees to make donations. All the staff, in the spirit of promoting Chinese traditional virtues, acted to make their generous donations which would be used to help villagers in mountain or semi-mountain areas building water cellars. The donation amounted to 25, 962.5 yuan by the end of April 21. The fund-raising has shown the care of Sinochem Yunlong for millions of the people affected by the disaster. Sinochem Yunlong is firmly convinced that, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government, and with the support from the civilians of Xundian County and the people from all sectors, the Xundian County Care Water Cellar project will be completed, and the water shortage is bound to be alleviated.