County Secretary Mr. Wu Visits Sinochem Yunlong

時間:2013-04-28     來源:Sinochem Yunlong

On 16 April, Mr. Wu Bin, Xundian County Branch Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party visited Sinochem Yunlong to know about the operation and management of the company, trying to help in solving the difficulties of the company. He was accompanied by Deputy County Chief Jiang who is in charge of the industrial sector, Director Zeng, the head of the Jinsuo Industrial Park Administrative Committee, and Director Li, the head of the Xundian County Trade and Industry Bureau. The group was greeted by the Sinochem Yunlong leadership including General Manager Yang Bin.

General Manager Yang Bin presented the company's details to them, including the accomplishment of the production and operational targets in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, the current market conditions, the forthcoming two-year low-cost strategy by optimizing the system, advancing automation, and implementing energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, the long-term development planning, and the use of land, natural gas (lignite), water, electricity, SO2 environmental capacity requirement.

Afterwards, Secretary Wu made a high appraisal of the Sinochem Yunlong achievements and contributions. He considered Sinochem Yunlong as a company with financial strength, modern business concept, clear operational targets, and strong social responsibility. In addition, Secretary Wu cleared up the doubts and responded to the demands for administrative cooperation from the county government and county party committee, Secretary. He also gave important instructions on the subsequent work: Sinochem Yunlong should make full efforts to move forward the later-stage planned project, follow up with the plan, and put in more resources; the county government and county party committee should go into grass roots and learn about the difficulties faced by the company, with the aim of helping to solve them; the county government should not shuffle or put off their work, so as to help resolving the difficulties, building a good connection between the government and the company, and boosting the company’s confidence in investment and development.

After that, they visited the newly established Sinochem Yunlong slag dump. Mr. Wu stressed that the county government and county party committee attached high importance to the development of Sinochem Yunlong. Now that Sinochem Yunlong has passed the Environmental Protection Appraisal, all the governmental sectors should properly deal with the issues raised by the villagers, so as to ensure the early operation of the slag dump and pave the way for the long-term steady development of the company.

At last, General Manager Yang Bin expressed his thanks to the concerns from Secretary Wu and other county leadership members. He said that Sinochem Yunlong are confident and full of capability to complete and follow up with all the work, while shouldering their social responsibility as a state-owned company.