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Sinochem Yunlong Carries Out Emergency Response Drill on Production Safety

時間:2013-06-26     來源:

In order to meet the requirement of the state and the parent company on production security, Sinochem Yunlong carried out the Emergency Response Drill on Production Safety at the company's Mozushao Mine on June 18, 2013.

On this special occasion, Deputy County Chief and Safety Commission Director Li Jin, Safety Supervision Bureau Director Liang Chun Lin, Sinofert HSE Department Head Xu Shougan, and Sinofert Yulong General Manager Yang Bin visited the Mozushao Mine Management Department and gave their instructions on the safety measures of the Emergency Response Center.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, Chief Commander Liu Ming announced the start of the emergency response drill. On receiving the simulated warning signal that the employees were trapped, the emergency response center put into place the prepared emergency response plan, convened the employees and set up an emergency response team, aiming at evacuating the workers still under the well and preventing against the well collapse. With the full cooperation of all the team members, all the trapped workers were rescued and sent to the hospital. The entire exercise took 30 minutes, with more than 130 employees and more than 10 rescue vehicle-uses and ambulances involving in the drill.

After the drill, Deputy County Chief Li Jin spoke highly of the drill, and gave his instructions on the emergency response drill on production safety for the Mozushao Mine. Sinofert HSE Department Head Xu Shougan also congratulated on the successful completion of the drill, and urged to take the emergency response drill as something regular to do, so as to make progress in managing the production safety. The emergency response drill was concluded successfully.